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Custom sound-activated shirts are unique promotional items for musicians, DJs, and dance groups alike. Only works with you to create innovative, eye-catching displays for a price comparable to normal, static custom apparel. Check out the Kung Fu Masters as they perform while wearing their custom shirts that light up to sound and music. Put your name in lights, and make a lasting impression with our light up shirts.

What’s the quickest way to grab attention for your company? Put your name in lights! Not on a billboard, but on customized t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, and more. Only specializes in custom light up shirts for businesses, musicians, DJs, dance groups, special events, and more. Customized light up clothing offers a unique marketing opportunity that will instantly boost your visibility. Stand out in a crowd with these hip, innovative shirts that light up to sound and music using a small battery pack. 

Use the code “Holiday” to save 10% on all our light up shirts and fiber optic hats. These unique gifts are the perfect way to light up the holiday season.

Did you guys catch Carrie Underwood’s light up dress at the Grammy’s? It’s actually made of a material that can be projected onto directly, allowing several LED lights to project amazing designs that transformed her look. Very cool!